Message from the Principal

In line with the updated Government ‘Living with Covid’ strategy, your child will not be required to wear a mask in school but they are permitted to do so if they wish. Please ensure that they bring their own mask to wear if they choose to as these will no longer be available in school.

Students are no longer required to undertake twice weekly asymptomatic testing, home tests must now be ordered from your local pharmacy or online if required. Guidance that was referred to during the previous stages of the COVID19 pandemic can be found below, alongside our current risk assessment.

Report an LFT result to the School

If your child has Covid symptoms, they must isolate and book a PCR test, continuing to isolate until their result comes back. If they do test positive they can perform a LFD (home) test on day 5 after the onset of symptoms and another the following day, if these are both negative and no symptoms present they can end their self-isolation on day 6. If day 5 and 6 LFD (home) tests come back as positive, continue testing daily until they have 2 consecutive negative results. Self-isolation will end on the 10th day following the onset of symptoms regardless if the LFD (home) test results.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Mr Gill, Principal

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